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My Loyalties

Quo-Fan and Suntop

I don't always share everything about my personal life, or about other people, but this time I will make

the exception, there has been several things come up with my life of late that I need to disclose a few things and start to put a close on things.


Upon my return to IRC, I have met 2 individuals who have put me to wow, and amazed me in every way.

Their skills in the way with Linux and all of its children, the way they code, the way they bring it to life.

And their uncanny ability to be able to share, and encourage others, you see the way I feel is most techies will horde their knowledge and always

have a bad attitude when it comes the way they feel, Suntop and Quo-Fan are not like this at all, they are the most selfless and generous people with their skills and their time.


I have so much respect and admiration on these 2 that I can't really express how I really feel, in one token I thought I was quite knowledgeable, but after meeting

these 2 I feel dwarfed majorly, and it makes me want to learn more, work harder, I understand that there will always be others who know more than you, however these 2 to me make me

feel as if no one else could ever come close to their skills, I feel like their talents could be used for much greater things, and I'm very sure in time they will shine above all else.


I could spend hours sharing all the things they have done for me, and trust me there has been lots, and I am most grateful for everything they have ever done for me,

as I am sure most people can say the same.

Take some time and think about how many people in this category are generally nice people, who will share, and will just be themselves.


That's the professional exclamation, here's the personal.

Life is fleeting, and not ever lasting in this realm and things must be said before it is too late.

Quo-Fan, and Suntop are 2 of the best friends I have, and Lord knows I appreciate them and love them as brothers.

They truly are like my brothers, and I shall smite down their enemies, and defend them when they are surrounded.


Thank you my brothers, love you forever!

De cette vie à l’autre, le Sith vivra et brûlera cette roue cassée jusqu’à ce qu’elle puisse être refaite à la perfection !


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