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My Loyalties


Not everyone knows our story,

I was making a network with a good friend of mine

And all of a sudden Aimee joins in

I wasn't looking for anything other than friends

And that Aimee was, we were good friends for about 6 years

(I am to shy to try to take it past friendship most times)

But she was a great friend, and in 6 years, we got to know each other well

And became very close friends.

Over that time we all broke away and our Network went down, some of that was financial, and other reasons

But it was down, and then that one fateful day.

I was about to move out, and Aimee would have never found me again

This was before Facebook, I don't think she had my email, and my phone number was changing the very next day.

But that was the day, Aimee called, and we spoke for several hours

Then she asked me the question, if I'd date her,. to which I obviously said yes.

Later that year on my birthday I flew up to meet her, (in person)

Had to tell my parents that I was going to a concert, (which I totally wouldn't do but hey)

And at that time I knew Aimee was the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

I could go on about many of our adventures and stories

But she did ask me to marry her, I said yes

Then I made I proposed again, just to be able to claim I did

I did propose to her, just she did it first.

We got married, and that was 14 years ago. (As of 2021)

Aimee has been my best friend, my lover, the victim of my pranks

She has been everything for me

Thick or thin, better or for worse

Aimee is my everything

And I am loyal to her.





De cette vie à l’autre, le Sith vivra et brûlera cette roue cassée jusqu’à ce qu’elle puisse être refaite à la perfection !


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