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My Loyalties

Alicia and Meghan

You know, 14 years ago in a call center far far away long ways dead

There was this really nice gal, and her .. dimwitted boyfriend that no one liked

This is 2021 and shes around and well, hes off to the land of vasaline.

in the past 2 years we have taken a lot of time to get to know each other and there are things

That I don't know how to say

How lost I would feel with out

Empty and alone.

Alicia is a very selfless person, she only cares about other people

She is the best mother ive witnessed with my own 6 eyes,

Her daughter Meghan is whom I call my adopted daughter

she is a sweet heart and honestly, I feel a great deal of pride in her

she is smart, beautiful intelligent, and honestly one of the best people you can meet.

Alicia has stood by me through everything

To the point where she would refuse to allow me to take a bus

She would refuse to see us struggle

I very much have a lot of pride in our relationship.

She is my sister and my best friend

Some day I hope to lure her into our IRC so she can share some time with us

My loyalty to her goes to the point

I would do anything for her

I love you two very much!





De cette vie à l’autre, le Sith vivra et brûlera cette roue cassée jusqu’à ce qu’elle puisse être refaite à la perfection !


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