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My Loyalties

Mary and Mike

I met Mike and Mary from the same call center years and years ago, first Mike worked there,

And I became very good and close friends with Mike at work, to the type of person Mike is, if you need help, he will kill himself over and over again to help, he took on extra hours once so that I could go see my wife who was in the ER.

Mike and Mary are two of the most selfless people your ever going to meet, and one day I hope to introduce them to IRC, they are super cool people.

I started doing Dungeons and Dragons with them, and got my love of table top games from them.

Always time for coffee, or going out to eat, or making meals.

I love these 2 so much, they are every bit of family as I can get.

And believe it or not my history against Gnomes involves them deeply.

I'd love to get them on IRC one day.

3 words for you

Glace Bay Ba bay!

I can't tell you how much I love these 2, they are amazing!

They got me the job I have now, and made coming off of disability easy and worth it.

Thank you so much you to!




De cette vie à l’autre, le Sith vivra et brûlera cette roue cassée jusqu’à ce qu’elle puisse être refaite à la perfection !


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