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My Loyalties

Lady and Joel

Lady and Joel are 2 of my dearest friends, I met them because of my friend Bon, and have been chatting with them over a year now,

And its cool to have known them because I got to learn a different perspective, and ways of doing things.

Ever so loyal to me and my wife, and always there to lend a hand.

Though my intro to Joel can be entertaining, but thats what Joel can be.

They are always there, when you need someone serious to have a discussion with,

If you need someone who you need help with hardware they are there.

If you need someone they are always there.

They are 2 of the most sweet and amazing people you can ever meet.

And I have to share how important they are to me

You will always find friends, that is never the issue,

The issue is finding real friends, someone that you can trust and respect

Someone you can count on, and someone is real

Lady and Joel are 2 of the most important friends you could ever ask for.

Thank you!


De cette vie à l’autre, le Sith vivra et brûlera cette roue cassée jusqu’à ce qu’elle puisse être refaite à la perfection !


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