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My Loyalties


These words are for a special lady, a princess and angel

Someone I deeply respect and admire.

Models have a special place in our lives, no mater if we think of it or not.

We see them in magazines, on tvs and movies.

Then we have our role models, these are the people we look up to, and should be our heros.

Role Models are not usually actual models, but in this case she is.

Moog was a super model, and is also a role model.

She is an extremely amazing friend who has always been there for me and probably always will.

Let me share with you, Moog, a very special lady, who grew up a difficult life

She had the fortune to be a model and show off her beauty,

After leaving that place, she had other things to deal with.

Demons, and we don't need to get into what these demons are, but they are stronger than what most people will have to deal with.

And to this day she still does.

But unlike other people she takes the steps to help herself, no mater how hard they are

and for that, it has to be on the hardest things anyone can possibly do, because most people avoid it and

Won't deal with it.

Moog has headed head on into it and dealing with it.

And believe me, many people can sit and cry victim, but Moog has been, and yet here she is strong as ever.

If we could sit and try to take her lead even by half, we would all be in a better place, myself included.

Here she is, one of the most beautiful people I've ever met, inside and out.

She has stood with me and my wife through thick and thin, and we do the same.

And I feel very blessed to have this angel in my life.

Thank you Moog!


De cette vie à l’autre, le Sith vivra et brûlera cette roue cassée jusqu’à ce qu’elle puisse être refaite à la perfection !


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